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Special notice

Bio-power Introductory Seminars are being re-started with the next seminar being held on the weekend 26th and 27th September at Totnes.  For further information and to download and print the booking form go to the seminars web page.

If you are unable to attend this seminar but wish to be informed about future seminars then send us an e-mail and ask to be put on our seminars mailing list.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any specific information.
26th August 2009

What is Bio-Power (UK)?
Bio-power (UK) is a network of companies that make a range of bio-fuels made from renewable materials that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels, as a means to address the related issues of Climate Change and Global Warming. 

As far as possible, our fuels are derived from natural organic materials. We prefer to use recycled materials, or materials that might otherwise present a waste disposal problem.  We do use a small fraction of synthetic or petro-chemical derived materials in our cheaper fuels, but generally this is derived from material that would otherwise present a waste disposal problem.  In addition to fuels for use in vehicles, Bio-power also creates fuels for the generation of electricity and industrial process heating.

Download and read our past issues of Bio-power News, our monthly magazine in pdf format.  Join us and you will receive Bio-power News every month, and also information about our program of events and activities. Read our report to the Treasury in which we propose a much better way of defining and taxing bio-fuels, that will better encourage their production development and use in the UK. Follow this link for further information about the remarkable company structure of the Bio-power Network.  Follow this link to contact us.

About Bio-Power
Bio-power is both  the name of the form of bio-fuel we make, and also the name of our network of companies being set up throughout the UK and abroad to make our range of bio-fuels.  All the organizations and members of the Bio-power Network support and share the same ethical aims and objects which are set out in the Bio-power Charter.

Bio-power fuels are made for use as a transport fuel in vehicles, and also for transmitters, pumps, boats, ships and industrial heating.  They are also used within the Bio-power Network for the generation of electricity.  Our fuels are made to provide an economically viable alternative to fossil fuels.  You will not find our fuels for sale at normal filling stations.  We sell fuels direct to local hauliers, bus companies, taxi drivers, and all kinds of public service or voluntary organizations.  We do also sell to members of the public who share our ethical aims and can provide a suitable fuel tank in or alongside their car park or garage.

There are now over 3,000 members of the Bio-power Network in the UK in August 2005, and over 250 companies or organizations actively setting up facilities to collect potential energy stock for the manufacture of bio-power fuels for sale to meet the needs in their local area.  We run a program of Introductory Seminars to explain the whole back ground and context of Bio-power, and this has was attended by over 250 people in the first 9 months.  The Introductory Seminars are intended for those who are considering the manufacture of our form of bio-fuel as part of and within the Bio-power network on a commercial basis.

There are now 30 factories actually in production in the UK, and 15 being designed or built outside the UK, with 3 more in the pipeline.  It is anticipated that there will be over 100 Bio-power outlets in the UK and Ireland in 2004.

Bio-power won first prize in the Euro-Solar Awards 'for our outstanding contribution to the development of Renewable Energy in the UK'.  We received this award at Olympia on 21st October 2003. We also gave two presentations at an International Symposium on Waste management technology and Renewable Energy held in Hong Kong in February 2004.

About Bio-Power (UK) Ltd
Bio-power (UK) Ltd is a 'not-for-profit' company, registered in the United Kingdom, owned and run by the members of the Bio-power network.  It is the operational hub of the Bio-power network, and its purpose is to serve the needs and aims of its members.  We believe there is a need for dramatic change in the whole culture of business that results in a small number of very powerful and wasteful multi-national companies.  The whole structure of the Bio-power network promotes a large number of independent local companies that collect and recycle local energy resources to meet local energy needs.  It is all about co-operation as opposed to competition in business.  It is also about the facilitation of personal choice and active involvement in the shaping of the world we share in the future.

Anyone can become a Bio-power supporter.  Simply send an-e-mail to us with your full name, postal address,  post code and a telephone number. Supporters will receive our monthly 'Bio-power News' which provides information of the most recent developments within the bio-power network, and also news of our program of events and activities.  Bio-power News is posted by email as a .pdf file, and you will need to install Acrobat pdf reader to open it.

It is also possible to become a member of Bio-power and thereby help to shape and further our work.  To do this complete a membership application form, and sign our charter and post them to us with payment of £25.00.  You will then receive a membership number and a card, and will be able to attend any open Bio-power events, like our AGM, gatherings and conferences.  Members do not have to be potential active bio-power fuel producers, but those training to become producers within the Bio-power network will have to be members first.  As a member you can join any of the Bio-power working groups who meet independently to pursue specific technical or administrative issues for the benefit of the membership in pursuance of our stated aims.

The next step in becoming more actively involved within the Bio-power network is to come on one of our Introductory Seminars.  These are held every two or three weeks, generally at Llanberis in the foothills of Snowdonia, North Wales.  Most Seminars are held over a weekend, and consist of a group of between eight to ten people.  The cost of the two day weekend Introductory Seminar is normally £150.00 per delegate, and there is a discount price of £120.00 for a second person attending the same seminar. We will also run Introductory Seminars else where in the UK where there is a group of at least 10 people and suitable venue can be arranged.

Bio-power Fuels
We make, and promote the commercial production of a range of renewable organic fuels derived from non-fossil materials, for use in road vehicles, the generation of electricity and heating. The main constituent of our fuel is waste vegetable oil or cooking fat, which we modify to produce a road fuel that in our tests out performs Derv and bio-diesel created as a Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME).

It is our view that bio-diesel made as FAME is not a very 'green' form of bio-fuel.  It is wasteful of energy, and requires chemicals to shatter the fat molecule to produce glycerol as a by-product.  Our form of fuel is more akin to both Straight Vegetable Oil, and also mineral diesel.  It can be burned in normal compression ignition engines just like normal mineral diesel.  But unlike all fossil fuels, it does not contribute to the causes of global warming or pollute the atmosphere as happens whenever a fossil fuel is burned.  Our product for use as a commercial road fuel is called 'bio-power V100'.  We also make a high energy fuel which we use for heating and electricity generation called 'bio-power G100'.  A full description of our products is available at our product range.

The full story of how we originally got involved in this business is told at how it all began.

How best to use this web site
This is a completely re-written version of our first web site, and we hope it is easier to use.  We have kept the structure as simple as possible so it can be read in all kinds of browsers.  We have avoided using complicated graphics, animations or anything that causes a delay in downloading.  Some of the pages do contain a lot of information, and may take some time to fully load.  If you do have any difficulty, please let us know.

There is a great deal of information available here, and the content is continually being added to.  More pictures will be included in time.  The content is divided up in to sections according to people's needs.  Below is an overview or description of each section.  If you still get confused then probably the best place to go is the Site Map.  In addition to this public web site there is also a member's web site which contains information about our activities within the network, and discussion boards about specific technical issues.  Full access to this site is only available to members who have attended one of our seminars.

The bio-power Charter
Our primary motivation is the need to address the related issues of Climate Change and Global Warming.  Our aim is to provide a real alternative to the use of fossil fuels, which it is now generally accepted are the primary (but not exclusive) cause of the present climatic predicament. However, we are also developing better ways of operating in business.  In our view, it is the top down form of business management, which creates large, competitive and powerful profit seeking multi-national companies, that got us all into this mess in the first place.  Our vision is for a bottom up form of business which emphasizes co-operation, partnership, and inclusion of everyone who shares the same ethical aims and perspective.  This includes our customers, our suppliers and those working with us in the bio-fuels industry who share our aims.  The ethical basis of this vision is described in more detail in the Bio-power Charter

About the Bio-power company and the Bio-power network
This section contains all the details about our company, our aims and strategy, our trading addresses, registration numbers etc., also how to join us as a supporter and as a full subscribing member.

Our Product Range
This is about the fuels we make, our simple heat exchanger and the services we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This is a list of the most commonly asked questions about the use of bio-fuels.  If you have a question that is not answered there, then do write to us.

Deeper Study
If you are researching in to bio-fuels or the making of bio-diesel, then most of the technical stuff published on our old web site is here, including a description of the Basic Chemistry of Bio-fuels as is used to make Biodiesel (not our form of fuel), and a Glossary of technical Terms. There also is a section explaining  how to make a simple form of our fuel which you can test in your own engine, and how to build a simple heat exchanger following our design to improve the performance of most engines when running on bio-fuels.

Our vision for a bio-power network
Bio-power is not a normal Trade Association or network of companies.  Although this project started in North Wales, it is now being shared with people and companies not just within the UK, but all over the world.  It makes sense to convert locally available organic energy resources through a network of many local small businesses rather than through large and wasteful multi-national companies.  Our vision to set up an association of bio-power fuel makers throughout the UK has now very much materialised, and we hope it will continue to expand.

Join us
You can join us as a supporter for free and receive Bio-power News, or you can join us as a subscribing member for £25.00 and then fully partake in the development of the Bio-power Network as a company member.  

Invest in Bio-power
To date we have not been able to get any form of grant or commercial support for our work in the development of sustainable bio-fuels.  Yet we have now set up a commercial scale production plant in North Wales, and there are also many other similar local businesses seeking funding support to use our technique throughout the UK.  We could not be doing this without private funding support.  If you want to help support the development of this environmentally beneficial form of fuel, and help us to provide viable alternatives to petrochemical fuels then why not consider helping not just as a customer but also as an investor?

We have received many very positive and helpful comments from customers and supporters, some of which are published here.  We also include some very unhelpful and misleading comments made by people in prominent positions who evidently do not share our concern to do all possible to address the issues of Global Warming and Climate Change.

The World-wide-web only works if there are links on to other sites which cover similar or related subjects.   I hope this is a comprehensive list of links to other sites about bio-diesel and other alternative non-fossil fuels.  If you have a web site that you feel should be included here, then please let us know about it!

John Nicholson, Bio-power (UK) Ltd, or its officers, trustees or employees, do not accept any responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action in reliance on or as a result of the material included in or omitted from this web site.

Copyright © is held by John Nicholson 2002. All rights are reserved. No part of the information published on this web site may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or stored in any retrieval system of any nature without prior written permission of the copyright holder except as expressly permitted by law.

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July 2009